228.00 EGP

240.00 EGP


  • Taperd: 0.6/25

Product information

Color :- ISO standard tip size , make the dentist easy to distinguish 

Stopper :- ISo STANDARD , measure the working length . and the black line on the stopper can indicate the working direction of the files 

Handle :- 11mm, easy enter into the molar compare with 13mm handle 

Laser mark :- 18mm , 19mm , 20mm , 22mm 

Working length :- 21mm , 25mm , 31mm 

Features :- 

- Flexible 

- special surface treatment , reduce crack and improve resistance to cyclic fatigue 

- Improved cutting efficiency more than 150% 

-Amazing outside looking 


1. Create straight-line access to canal orifice.

2. Gently explore the canal by using #10 stainless steel hand files passively scouting,Initial detection the working length and record it.

3. Use the path file #16/02 with 350RPM,2N.cm to scouting the coronal 2/3, to makesure the smooth and reproducible glide path is confirmed.

4. Design an access to the root canal openings as a function of the anatomy of the tooth, with particular care to the smoothing of the internal axial walls and to enlarge the root canal coronal 1/3 with open file(350RPM, 2N.cm) .

5. Scout the canals with #10 stainless steel hand files, double check the working length

6.Choose one of RCS Rainbow One File with brushing or picking motion (400 RPM, 2N.cm) to reach the working

length according to root canal size.

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