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    MTA Angelus® is the tried and true Original Bioceramic material from Angelus. Serving endodontic needs for almost 20 years, this MTA is used by many dentists and dental specialists internationally.

    MTA Angelus exhibits excellent handling properties, incomparable healing capabilities, radiopacity, high alkalinity, low solubility and clinically acceptable compressive strength. It provides a fast and effective formation of a dentin barrier and total repair of damaged periradicular tissues. Its packaging (air tight bottle of MTA + dropper bottle of distilled water) is very user friendly and dramatically reduces wasted material.

    Indications for Use

    MTA Angelus Reparative Cement is indicated in cases of root canal lateral and furcation perforations, internal resorption, reverse root filling, pulp capping, pulpotomy/vital pulp therapy, apexification, and apexogenesis, and as a filling material for root end surgery.

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