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    Soft denture relining material Softliner is a cold-curing soft denture relining material on A-silicone basis in a 1:1 safety cartridge system for long-term relinings. The realisation of a complete chairside relining takes only one session. Softliner is biocompatible, odourless and tasteless. The material convinces by excellent physical properties such as a high permanent elasticity, resistance to abrasion and tensile strength as well as a good dimensional stability.


    Permanently soft relining for total and partial dentures To relieve pressure from pressure spots To dam the palatal vibrating line In cases of flabby ridges and insufficient adhesion To cushion sharp-edged alveolar processes To support the healing process in implantology


    Soft relining chairside in only 1 appointment Special adhesive for extremely high adhesion between denture and relining material Special glazing to seal and to smooth treated surfaces Smooth, hydrophobic surface inhibits germ and Candida development Remains permanently soft due to the A-silicone basis High translucency: natural shade adaptation Superior colour stability and excellent aesthetics Easy to clean Odourless and tasteless PRESENTATION

    Art. No. 2580: SET: 50 ml cartridge, 10 ml adhesive, Glazing base/catalyst 10 ml each, mixing tips, accessories

    Made in Germany

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