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    Product information

    Package contain : 

    - 5g Adhesive syringe 

    - 3ml bonding resin 

    - Bonding brushes 

    - 3ml etchant liquid 

    - Spatula 

    - Mixing pad

    Trulock™ Light Activated Adhesive is a single paste resin-based, fluoride containing bracket adhesive that requires no mixing, resulting in reduced waste, improved performance consistency, and no working time constraints.

    Trulock™ Primer Activated Adhesive is a Paste-Primer orthodontic formula designed to bond metal, ceramic and plastic brackets. The unique filler and primer combination produces an ideal bond and a smooth tacky viscosity minimizing bracket drift or movement.

    Trulock™ Etchant Gel contains 37% phosphoric acid for use on both dentin and enamel. The viscosity of Trulock™ Etchant Gel provides ideal control to prevent the material from flowing onto exposed surrounding surfaces. All formulas rinse away clean without leaving any residue.

    Made in USA 

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